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Thanks for checking out my game, An Ode to Todd the Toad: Frogcare! This paid version of the game will be receiving updates throughout the year. I plan on adding new mazes with different tiles and layouts. Once more mazes are in I'll also make it so you can only get certain toys and outfits in their respective maze. For example, you'll be able to find cat tails and the fish costume in the first maze that's already released, while you'll find pumpkins and the witch outfit in a haunted spooky bog. I also plan on touching up UI and other mechanics based on feedback. Once the game has 5 different mazes, I'll count it as being done and change the itch project from "in development" to "released". There may be some updates after that, but probably not :p If you pay for this game now, you'll get all future updates for free!

I'd love to learn how to make homebrew DS software in the future, it's my favorite console, and if I do I may make a DS port of the game. That's a pipe dream though.

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Dec 15, 2020

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